The Benefits of Polyurethane Floor Coatings


Did you know that there were nearly 150 million household projects completed in 2021 alone? These projects range from simple and short for do-it-yourself types and the longer, more expensive ones which require professional assistance. Flooring is one of those projects that fall into either category.

While not as complex as installing new flooring, adding floor coating is an undertaking. However, the right coating can provide many benefits. Read on to learn about the benefits of polyurethane floor coating and why it might be right for you.

What is Polyurethane Floor Coating? 

Polyurethane floor coating is a type of coating that has a polymer base which makes it durable. That durability makes it perfect for areas of high traffic or exposure to elements, such as a garage. Some of the benefits of using it include:


Since this coating is often used in industrial settings, durability in multiple areas is essential. First, polyurethane floor coating has the ability to expand, which makes it more resistant to large temperature fluctuations. It can handle extremely high temperatures when compared to other options, as well as high humidity.

This coating is also largely resistant to UV lighting, not fading or changing colors after prolonged exposure. The other major durability factor is being resistant to staining. This includes being damaged by natural or man-made chemicals.

Smooth Texture

More of an aesthetic than a practical benefit, polyurethane floor coating has a smooth appearance. This does make it a bit harder to apply than some other models, but cleaning is easier. 

Different Finishes 

Another aesthetic benefit is the different finishes available. These finishes typically vary by how glossy their appearance is. 

Different Types of Polyurethane Flooring

If you need to get real specific, there are different types of coating available, depending on what the flooring may encounter. These include:


This type of polyurethane floor paint is highly resistant to acids and other harmful spills, like gas and oil. It may help with meeting environmental regulations.


This is the most eco-friendly option, as it is water-based. Some polyurethane floor coatings have chemicals that are harmful to the environment and people. Without oil as a base, it will keep its color longer.


This option is the hardest. It also has great durability against scratches, UV light, and discoloration. Often used as a top coat, it is a great choice for a garage floor coating.

Moisture Cured

This type is unique because of the application, which takes place even in humid environments or when water is present. Discoloration can occur, and protective equipment is needed for the application. 

Are You Ready For Polyurethane Floor Coating?

Now that you know about the benefits of polyurethane floor coating, what are you waiting for? While there are a few cons, this type of coating is durable, smooth, and comes in a variety of finishes. Having different types allows you to choose the right one for your situation. 

If you’re ready to get to work on all your flooring needs, contact us today. 

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