Best Epoxy Garage Floors Omaha, NE

Looking to add Epoxy Garage Floors to your property? Restore your garage floor quickly with the best epoxy floor coating services available.

Go From Gray, To Great!

Why Epoxy Coat Your Garage Floors?

Our team here at Garage Floor Rehab can take your garage floor from ugly to attractive in just a few hours of work. Our epoxy garage floors are just one of the options we offer homeowners in the Omaha area, and they offer several benefits over the other coatings.

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Attractive Color Options

If you’re looking for an epoxy garage coating company that stands out from the rest, there are plenty of options for customizing the final look of the floor coating.

Choose from multiple flakes and background colors to create just the look you want for your garage.

From refined gray and brown options to more bold neon flake colors, we can create any look you want with a commercial-grade epoxy coating.

Benefits Of Epoxy Garage Floors

Chemical and Spill-Resistant

There is no need to worry about oil stains or difficulty mopping up spills once you have had your porous concrete covered with impervious epoxy.

The non-porous surface ensures that liquids pool up, so they are easily absorbed with spill powder or wiped away with a shop rag.

Epoxy has a higher chemical resistance than many other garage coating options, which is good if you use your garage for car repairs or as a workshop for a side business.

Even just the water resistance of the epoxy coating helps keep your garage dry and free from damage to the concrete surface.

Easy To Clean

With a smooth and non-porous surface after epoxy floor coating in Omaha, it’s easier than ever to control dust and dirt tracked into the garage.

Tires won’t damage the durable surface, but you’ll be able to mop it clean whenever you like for a showroom-worthy appearance.

If you enjoy showing off your garage as a staging room for your products or just storage for your collectible cars, you’ll want to keep the floor sparkling clean to match.

Long-Lasting Bond

Our high-quality epoxy coatings bond tightly to the concrete thanks to thorough cleaning and etching preparations.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about the weight of a vehicle or a hand truck moving across the surface, risking damage to the new  coating.

If you are still unsure if epoxy floors are right for you, our team is happy to chat with you and work towards discovering the right garage floor coating for your needs.

Contact us today for a quote on affordable and reliable epoxy garage floors in Omaha.

From Gray, To Great!

The best garages are those epoxy coated by Garage Floor Rehab. With our epoxy garage floors, we will take your garage from GRAY, to GREAT!

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Why You Should Choose Us

Consult Garage Floor Rehab today and watch your floor being transform from Gray to Great. Our epoxy floor coating services are long-lasting, durable, and highly affordable.

  • Our finishes to our customer’s floor coatings are of high quality and dry crystal clear.
  • With our high-quality coating materials, our customers coated floor does not fade and can survive the test of time.
  • Our customers are provided with a variety of colors to choose from. 
  • We deliver top-notch quality coatings at a very affordable price. 
  • Garage Floor Rehab is a family business owned and operated around Omaha.