Reliable Driveway Sealing in Omaha, NE

Garage Floor Rehab gives you reliable driveway sealing in Omaha, NE. Contact us to see if driveway sealing is right for you!

Go From Gray, To Great!

Is Driveway Sealing Right for Your Property?

Driveway sealing is a method applied to safeguard your concrete or asphalt-based driveways, from the elements of weather such as rainfalls, snowfalls, UV rays, etc. This is done by coating your driveways with sealers depending on the nature of your driveways

concrete and driveway sealing in omaha, ne

Let's Talk Concrete Sealing

What We Seal


We can coat your concrete driveway with sealant to extend its life-span


Asphalt sealant is an affordable and reliable option for any property owner


Take your patio to the next level with patio sealant

From Gray, To Great!

The driveways in Omaha, NE are sealed by Garage Floor Rehab. With our services, we will take your property from GRAY, to GREAT!

Your Driveway Is Better Off Sealed

At Garage Floor Rehab, we have all the state-of-the-art tools and facilities needed to deliver a very neat and satisfactory job.

With our modernized squeegees, scrubs, sprayers, correct crack, and pothole filler, every customer is guaranteed the best driveway sealing job of high quality. 

Why You Should Choose Us

With our experienced team of experts, our customers enjoy the best consultation and options from which they can choose for their sealing. 

Garage Floor Rehab is made up of a team of dedicated workers that derive satisfaction in ensuring that they offer top-notch services to our numerous customers. 

With our high-quality sealants, our customers are guaranteed long-lasting driveways with the best aesthetic effect.